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Quality Auto Parts

Prices That Won’t Hurt Your Budget

The moment you hear your vehicle screech or your engine overheats for the nth time is the time you should get replacement auto parts. Go to a trusted company to get quality replacement parts. Wholesale Parts & Supply Inc in Leesburg, FL offers high-quality transmission and other auto parts at prices that won’t hurt your budget. We have various parts in stock, so you won’t have a problem finding what you need.

We Have Parts For:

Gears cutaway in transmission
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Buses
  • Light and Heavy-Duty Trucks
  • Off-Road Equipment
  • Trailers

Maintain the Performance of Your Vehicle

The warm and humid weather of Central Florida can be taxing on the overall performance of your car. High temperatures can cause your engine to overheat and components to wear down fast. If you notice any subtle changes in the overall performance of your vehicle, come to our store. We have the part you need to replace the worn down component of your car
or truck.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Vehicle

We are also a preferred store by vehicle enthusiasts looking to improve the performance of their vehicles. You can find the best parts from different brands in our shelves. We can provide you the part you need to improve the engine performance, fuel economy, and comfort of your vehicle.

Buy Auto Parts at the Right Price

Installing excellent auto parts will vastly improve the performance of your ride. Professionals and weekend warriors rely on us to regularly provide them with quality components. Count on us to provide first-class auto parts at reasonable prices. Call (352) 787-2009 for
more information.

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